Thursday, August 14, 2003

Ukulelia Founder in Paradise

If you're not a regular reader of BoingBoing, you're probably unaware that my co-editor, Mark Frauenfelder, has moved to the South Pacific for a year with his family. They're currently in Rarotonga.

Mark and his wife Carla Sinclair are publishing a web diary of their experiences, The Island Chronicles. You can sign up for periodic updates from Mark and Carla on the site, or follow their adventures in the LAWeekly. Mark's been taking a lot of pictures chronicling the local ukulele scene, and I'll be adding a separate post with links directly to the pix of interest from the Island Chronicles archive.

And despite the distance, Mark remains an active editor of these hallowed pages. (I call him "The Wired Man of Rarotonga.") Discuss

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