Friday, June 18, 2004

Andy's Fluke papooseFellow journalist, Mac aficionado, and ukulele player Andy Ihnatko sez:

"I flew to Kansas City on Wednesday to speak to a local user group. It was just an overnight so I was utterly delighted to be a one-carryon, minimalist traveller for the first time in memory. I just tossed my PowerBook, its charger, my toothbrush, one book, and a change of shirt and unmentionables into a backpack I got last month, slid my iPod and my phone into a pocket, and then I was ready to go.

"But there was still plenty of room left over so I figured what the hell...I'll take my Fluke with me. Lo and behold, the backpack's outside pocket zipped around the thing as if it were a custom-made Fluke Papoose:

Fluke Papoose

"I mean, this backpack kicks butt. On top of its obvious appeal for Fluke enthusiasts it's the only notebook-compartmented backpack that doesn't scream out "Are You Stronger And More Aggressive Than Me? A $2000 Computer Could Be YOURS! Pin Me Against A Wall And Ask Me How!" It has expandable and/or bungeed pouches for anything worth taking and pass-throughs for headphone wires. The pack was a freebie (a party favor from an awards dinner I attended last month in London) but a Google turned up its Australian manufacturer.

"The user group (MacCORE) was surprised and delighted by how I finished my talk. Well, I don't know about Delighted but my performance found that happy medium above Men Throwing Beer Bottles and below Women Throwing Underwear. But I was doubly-glad that I brought the Fluke. My connection home through O'Hare was profoundly delayed and by the start of my third hour in Terminal C, strumming "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" in a variety of tempos and styles was a fine distraction from the sorts of impulses that would have led to my being siezed by federal air marshals and dragged behind an unmarked door somewhere. I might have to make my Fluke a regular travel companion...!"

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