Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Super Mario Brothers sheet music for uke

Jon Crawford sez: "[James Hill] not only figured out how to play the Super Mario theme, but he arranged it for the ukulele. I've tried it out and it's amazing. Link

Correction: Dominic (AKA Dominator) actually created the tabs for this song. As he explains --  "I corresponded with James while working on a few of his tunes, Super Mario being one of them.  James told me he thought I was doing a wonderful job and that the tabs were pretty accurate. (Getting them exact would take sitting with him for hours to go over his unique playing style).  He gave me permission to post the tabs but told me that I could not say or imply that they were 'Official Transcriptions' or 'Endorsed'  by him.  Now the tab itself does not say either of these.  However, I do have a spot at the top of the tab that says 'Arranged by James Hill.'  And that is true from the sense that he arranged it for ukulele prior to recording it.  Even though the tab also says 'Transcribed by Dominator' readers may still think that James made this available on his own." 

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