Tuesday, August 02, 2005

PSP game has virtual ukulele

I haven't tried this (I don't have a PSP -- PlayStaion Portable), but Namco has released a title called Portable Resort, and it has a kind of virtual ukulele in it. Watch the video for more.

The concept of Portable Resort, an "entertainment tool" for PSP, involves the player freely spending time on a beautiful tropical island. You'll be able to go anywhere on the island, with the in-game world experiencing progression through time and a full day/night cycle. The in-game world is synched up with the current time, so when it's dark out in the real world, the game world will reflect that. Perform all kinds of little fun tasks as you stroll around -- ick up a ukulele from the beach, and you can use your PSP as an instrument, with the analog thumb pad is used to strum, with the face buttons used to form chords.


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