Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Uke-Centric Showcase

Tiki King announcement:

T. Canoe & Trixie-Lark Productions present

The Uke-Centric Showcase

Come One! Come All!

To an enchanting display of musicianship featuring that favored four-string phenomenon The Ukulele.

~Delight in the lilting melodies and quixotic trappings of UNI & HER UKELELE

~View, if you dare, the half-man/half sea-dog punk-purveyor CRACKER JACK SALTEEN

~Thrill to the death-defying harmonic feats of that sublime three-headed creature known as THE PAPER DOLLS

~Luxuriate in the euphonic caresses and visual regalement of TIKI KING & THE IDOL PLEASURES

~Swoon to swirling seas of sound with the semi-symphonic songbird TIPPY CANOE & THE PADDLEMEN (featuring The SWEATERS)


The Uke-Centric Showcase

on display at

The Ivy Room

858 San Pablo Avenue (at Solano), Albany Ca.



Sunday, February 5th

Late Matinee ~ 5 o'clock until the 9 o'clock hour

only $5 for an eye-popping FOUR HOUR exhibition!

Adults only, please.

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