Thursday, January 29, 2004

The Ukulele Occasional #2 on sale now

The second issue of The Ukulele Occasional is out, and it has a great line-up of articles. Check it out:

Illustrator Robert Armstrong draws a brief biography of the late King Bennie Nawahi.

Jim Tranquida describes the situation that drove his great-great-grandfather, early uke builder Augusto Dias, from Madeira to Hawaii in August 1879.

Frank Ford of Gryphon Stringed Instruments tells us how to repair koa ukulele cracks.

UO editor Michael Simmons interviews living uke legend Ohta-San.

UO editor Jason Verlinde interviews master uke luthier Duane Heilman.

Phil Milstein chronicles the life of one-hit wonder (and baritone uke player) Nervous Norvous.

Earnest Instruments proprietor Joel Eckhaus talks to Australia's Azo Bell.

Gregg Miner writes the definitive history of the harp ukulele.

Sacramento-based cartoonist Michael King contributes an original ukulele comic strip.

Seattle's Kurt B. Reighley interviews underground pop music duo the moth wranglers.

Mr. Verlinde talks to Fluke creator Dale Webb.

Ukulelia creator Mark Frauenfelder interviews King Kukulele on his impossibly weird world travels.

Mr. Verlinde interviews actor William H. Macy on his love for the uke.

Reviews of books and CDs and videos.

Vintage photos.

A few more odds & ends ...


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