Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Ukes for hospitalized kids

My Ukulelia co-editor, Gary Peare, and I, are going to donate some Flea ukueles to the music program for chronically ill children at Massachusetts General Hospital. It's a wonderful program, and you can read about it here in this Boston Globe article.

We aren't solicting outright donations for this program, but you can help by buying some of the books and videos we sell through Amazon. They're listed in the middle column. We also get money when you click the text ads on the far right, but please don't click on them unless you're actually interested in the ad, since the advertiser must pay money every time someone clicks on their ad. We're going to be giving all of the money we collect (minus the monthly hosting fees of $15 a month) to the program. It would be great if we could end up donating a dozen ukuleles to the program.

We'll let you know the progress of our little project! Link

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