Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ukulele Noir in Boston
Karen Langlie says: "Just thought that it may be of interest to you & your Ukulelia cohorts that there's a great little ukulele scene here in the Boston/New England area, doing shows such as Ukulele Noir.

"Ukulele Noir is the brainchild of Craig Robertson, who I've been taking uke lessons from. He's put together a number of uke-centric bills in the area - really fun stuff that shows just how versatile the instrument can be.

"Also of interest, Greg Hawkes who you may remember from the 80's band The Cars, has taken a shine to the ukulele and has performed at Ukulele Noir 1 and 2. (of course among other things, he has a number of Cars tunes in his ukulele repertoire!)

"And Dave Wasser's band The Bag End Boys plays the Uke Noir shows too: (Dave is on the board at the Ukulele Hall of Fame in Rhode Island - a place I'm sure you've heard of!)"

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