Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cowboy's Song MP3

Max Sparber says: "Just dropping you a note to point to my Web site, The Plays of Max Sparber. Aside from being a playwright, I am also a longtime ukulele player and the moderator of the Ukulele Madness discussion on Yahoo.

"I have just made my plays available via a Creative Commons license, and, as most of my plays also have music in them, am in the process of placing MP3s of the songs on the site. I thought you might enjoy the MP3 at the bottom of this page, as it is me, accompanied by ukulele, singing the song from my play Cruelties, titled 'Cowboy's Song.' It's a little rough, as the MP3 is meant exclusively as a demonstration of the song for potential future productions, but I've always been rather proud of this sad little South of the Border-styled ditty."

Here's a direct link to the MP3: Link

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