Monday, January 31, 2005

Ukulele Babylon

This promises to be a memorable event. Stay tuned for more on this March 2005 event presented by Beau Vine. Link

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ukulele Ringtones

Has anyone run across any ukulele ringtones? Let me know and I'll post information here!

Cookie Tin Ukes

Okay, one last goodie from King David. Here's the perfect use for the empty cookie tin you have laying around after the holidays. This guy (the mysterious "Voudi") uses buiscuit tins to craft "Kujuloulou's"--crosses between banjo and resonator ukes.
I'm particularly intrigued by the novel string guide he's added above the nut to keep the strings taut against his offset headstock design (see image, left). Link. Yet another here. Yummy!

While you're in metal mode, check out these beautiful "Canukes", too.

UPDATE: Bill Clagett was kind enough to point out a broken link on this story as well as point us to the cookie tin banjo he made. (An entire sub-species: who woulda known? What could be next? Stainless steel resonator bedpan instruments? Okay, ukefans, there's your big idea for the day...)


Ok, another fine French find courtesy of the King David Ukulele Station, here is Bachaboulou's (aka Antoine Vimal) site. On it you'll find swell mp3s of "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" and a kazoo-led rendition of "I'll Follow the Sun", among others. Link

Donmo Galvo Reso Uko

Check out this galvanized steel resonator uke made by Don Morrison in Adelaide, South Australia. Why galvanized steel? Sez Don:
"Due to the lack of naturally occurring building materials available in vast areas of Australia,  millions of houses, sheds. water tanks and fences are made from galvanised  steel sheets (usually corrugated for strength). Galvanised  iron, or Galvo,  is  now an integral part of the Australian landscape and it seemed natural (to me at least!) to try it in a resonator guitar.
The result is a truly awesome sound, VERY loud but with a surprisingly rounded tone. "
The perfect accompaniment for your washtub bass! Link (via King David Ukulele Station)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

New Google Video Search

Google has launched a Beta version of a new video search engine. We, of course, couldn't resist searching on our favorite seven letter word. Presto, we learned that actor Enrique Murciano (from "Without a Trace") playes the uke. Here's the Google results page showing Murciano on last Wednesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show teaching Ellen how to play! (Sadly, no real video link, but boy oh boy, this is promising!). Link

Monday, January 10, 2005

Fred Bacon Bio

Nice profile of Fred J. Bacon, Stradivarius of the Banjo--and banjo uke maker--today in the The Day, New London, CT. Link

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Kiss Guitarist's Uke For Sale

If you're a Kiss Fan, you might be interested in this: Bruce Kulick's uke is up for sale on craigslist. Link (Thanks, Kirby!)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Uke Event Calendar!

Jim Beloff and crew over at Fleamarket Music have set up an online calendar for upcoming ukulele festivals and events. Event organizers are encouraged to submit your info for a (free!) listing. Link

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Aloha Keleawe Trio Needs Third

If you're a Bay Area uker (preferably with a nice shiny resonator) looking to join a band with gigs already lined up into 2005, then send an email to Jim Campbell. And in any event, check out the group's site for some great song clips. Link

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Gary's New Gig

I'm pleased to announce that on Monday, January 3, I'll be joining the astonishingly eclectic and talented crew at Tesser in San Francisco. Just how astonishingly eclectic and talented are they? Well, just for starters, I now get to huddle at the water cooler with noneother than tikimeister Otto von Stroheim. Life just handed me a tall one with a little paper umbrella!

Also over here is ace designer Sandrine Albouy, who contributed graphics to Jolie Holland's latest CD, Escondido (which features the track "Darlin Ukelele").

Holualoa Ukulele Gallery

When you next find yourself on the Big Island, be sure to visit the Holualoa Ukulele Gallery:
"I wanted a place where anyone could feel welcome and listen to ukulele music, and also to feel free to try each instrument and not feel pressured to buy. I wanted to introduce people to the uke, and give a quick lesson so that anyone could play a few chords and feel good about the instrument."

Make a Wish

A chronically ill, young ukulele player receives a dream come true. 2005 is off to a beautiful start... Link
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