Monday, January 25, 2016

Play Ukulele by Ear Workshop with Jim D'Ville at Lamorinda Music

Come join Jim D'Ville for a special ukulele workshop in the Big Room at Lamorinda Music in Lafayette, CA, on January 27th. He will be offering a tailored program for us combining two of his most popular workshops: 

  • Strumming Ukulele By Ear: Free yourself from memorizing Down-Up patterns! Starting with the basic index finger strum Jim will start you on the road to strumming what you hear.
  • Play Ukulele By Ear Vol. 2: Chord Progressions & The Circle of 5ths Being able to hear and identify chord progressions will go a long way toward demystifying music. Before you know it you'll be hearing and recognizing dominant seven and diatonic chord progressions. This exciting workshop will open your ears to the way all songs work around the Circle of 5ths. Knowledge of chords C F G7 A7 D7 E7 Am Dm Em is helpful.

When: Wednesday, January 27 7PM - 8:30PM
Where: Big Room, Lamorinda Music
Who: Open to Advanced Beginners and up
Cost: $25

Lamorinda Music website.
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