Monday, April 10, 2006

April 17th UkeQuake Flash Mob!

Stephen Becker wrote to let us know that next Monday, April 17th in San Francisco, all ukers are invited to help play and sing for the 100th anniversary of the earthquake.

Here's his note:

"Dear All Uke Players and Singers: Ukulele Flash Mob Alert! Pass this along!!! Please foward to all Ukulele Players in the Bay Area, or Ukulele Players who can get to the Bay Area! Join us in commemorating the 1906 earthquake outdoors on the stage at Yerba Buena Gardens on Monday, April 17th, at 5:30 p.m. -- Mission and 3rd, across from SF MoMA. Easy BART, easy MUNI, easy parking at the 3rd & Mission Garage. Ukulele players will be asked to come on stage and sing 'California Here I Come!' as part of the program!....

"...The concert is organized by the California Historical Society. You and your uke are to come on stage near the end of the concert...or just stand in the audience and pull out your uke and play! And bring your friends -- it's FREE and OPEN TO EVERYONE. Plus -- the concert is being broadcast live on Radio KALW -- streaming live on the 'net!..."

I will be out of town on business, I am so bummed that I'll miss this. ARRGH! But if you're going to be in town, I think attendance would be mandatory! Here's a link to a uke arrangement of "California Here I Come!" so you can get your chops in shape. Contact Steve with questions.

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