Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ukes on Scrubs!

Dr. Nelson tipped us off about this uke-flavored clip:
"Here’s a glimpse as to why Scrubs is one of my favorite shows on TV. This clip wraps up an homage to Wizard of Oz. Ted, the hapless hospital lawyer, has an a capella quartet that often acts as the Greek chorus, like Jonathan Richman in “Something about Mary” if you saw that. But this cover of a cover starts out making you think it’s just another Iz-in-a-soundtrack, but turns into something else altogether.

It’s also why I love youtube, because after watching the episode tonight, I knew--absolutely knew--I’d find just this clip here with my first search for “scrubs rainbow”."

I guess it also explains why we've been hit with lots of folks looking for uke chords to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". (Tip for you newbies: it's all about dis bruddah.)

(Thanks, Dr. Nelson!)

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