Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mahalo, Peter!

I had the pleasure of meeting Bay-Area uker Peter Alau over lattes this morning. Peter responded to a recent request I put out to readers about bringing me back a T-shirt from this year's Ukulele Festival in Hawaii. Peter's been patiently waiting for me to meet up with him and reimburse him for the shirt, but I am now the proud wearer of a papaya-orange shirt featuring a design by Kyle Shimabukuro (Man! What is it with this family?).

Peter also gave me a bunch of swell swag from the event, including an uke-shaped fan given away by KoAloha.

We talked story for over an hour, and I'll be writing more about the musical mystery that he's trying to solve about his family's ukulele past. Stay tuned! And thanks again, Peter!

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