Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Hawaiian Job

Over the weekend, crooks stole 25 Kamaka ukuleles from Hale Kula Elementary on Oahu. The twist? Hale Kula is located within Schofield Barracks, and in order to get in you have to show identification, vehicle registration and proof of insurance at the military checkpoint. Let's hope that checkpoint records plus the fact that all the Kamakas have "Hale Kula" written on the headstock and stamped on the sound hole sticker will mean that the culprits are completely lolo and trip themselves up quickly.

Video at the link. Link


Anonymous said...

I'm guessin' it was one heck of beach fire after they saw that they couldn't sell them... Ukester Brown

Gary said...

Oh, my heart.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I just don't get humanity. From a logistical standpoint, how many people does it take to grab 25 ukes, laptops and flat screen TVs? There must have been a truck and a couple of perps.

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