Saturday, May 22, 2010

Where the Uke Have We Been?

Welcome back! If you're a regular reader of Ukulelia, you no doubt noticed that we haven't posted anything new for some time, and that the blog was entirely down for a couple weeks.

What happened? Well, suffice it to say that Ukulelia (which we're proud to say was established long before most folks knew what a blog was) had been published by an ancient method (by internet standards) and we had to forklift the whole shebang over to a new protocol in order for us to keep publishing it.

Alas, what had been promised to be an easy and smooth transition was not, and it took some time for us to work out the deets. We have much more work to do to repaint and rewire the hale, but at least we're back!

I would like to thank the following Friends of Ukulelia who helped us navigate the arcane windings of the changeover:
Ultimately, the credit goes to Ukulelia Founder, Mark Frauenfelder. Mark started Ukulelia as an outlet for his personal ukulele fanaticism, and has generously allowed Craig and me to edit the blog while he was busy with things like building Boing Boing, editing MAKE Magazine, and writing more neato books than you can shake a stick at.

We're thrilled to be back. Thank you for your patience, and please tell everyone you know that Ukulelia's back!


Yesterukes said...

Like the new look!

K Weiss said...

thanks for reviving yourselves!

Woodshed said...

Good to have you back! Hopefully it'll be another nine years before you have to update again.

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