Friday, June 29, 2012

Warren Buffett & Jon Bon Jovi: A Ukulele Duet For Charity

Here's a video of Warren Buffett and Jon Bon Jovi performing The Glory of Love at  Tuesday's Forbes 400 Summit on Charity. I knew that Warren was a generous man (what uke player isn't?), but JBJ? He topped Forbes' list this year of celebrities who generated publicity value for charity. (An interesting metric that demonstrates the star's commitment to their cause rather than sheer dollar value of contributions.

While we're (only slightly) disappointed that Warren did not bring out the Dairy Queen uke for the event, we're delighted to see that he's sporting a new Kala ukulele. A nice choice from what is also a very generous organization.

The song choice for the WBJBJ performance? Sez Mr. B:

“The first line of ‘The Glory of Love,’ incidentally, is ‘You’ve got to give a little.’  So I think it’s quite appropriate for the occasion.”

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David said...

At the end it looks like JBJ was going for a fist bump and Warren was going for a hand shake. Ah, the generations coming together...
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