Sunday, September 02, 2012

Martin 2 Ukulele

The most remarkable thing about this 1930s vintage Martin is that it's over 100 years old. Link


Howlin' Hobbit said...

the math challenged. they are ubiquitous.

(also, your captcha is taking the unreadability prize.)

Anonymous said...

Huh? Even if I'd actually been around in the 1930s (or the 1910s), I don't think I'd remember Martin using that gold leaf headstock logo back then. This sure looks suspiciously like a current Martin Uke 2 ('tho the price is pretty close to current "street" price for that model). Hard to tell just who the seller is trying to defraud here. 'Ukulele Rob

Anonymous said...

The seller has gone back onto CraigsList and corrected his math. Shoot. Takes all the fun out of it.

Unknown said...
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