Thursday, August 08, 2013

Pat Boone and His Baritone About to Meet the Man of Steel

Uh, oh.


Ron Hale said...

When I was a lad... I went to Pat Boone movies. Played Pat Boone records. Screamed myself hoarse at Pat Boone political rallies.

Don't recall the bari, though. Maybe if it had made an impact.

But imagine playing baritone during the British Infestation, Gary. Not a pretty thought bubble.

Even Tiny Tim would own you.

Perhaps the Master of his Blog could hold a Ukulelia contest.

Readers could supply the lyrics to the Superman Song. Ala 'to the tune of.'

(Showoffs can provide original music.)

Remember, all would-be wordsmiths, that the Man-O-Steel says it's a great tune.

Which, of course, eliminates most of today's popular uke repertoire.

Let us see. Just follow the bouncing baritone:

Zip a dee doo dah
Zip a dee ay
Clark Kent is Superman
Ev-er-y day.

Plenty of krypton coming his way
Zip a dee doo dah
Zip a dee ay.

Good beat. Can dance to it. And Pat would approve.

Anonymous said...

Make that Kryptonite. Still scans.

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