Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ukulele Boogloo Lives!

In the wonderfully small world of the ukulele department, I bumped into Jerrold Connors, creator of the Ukulele Boogaloo site, yesterday at a taqueria. I first met Jerrold at the NoCal Ukulele Festival in the early Aughts not long after Mark Frauenfelder invited me to help edit Ukulelia.

Back in those early days, there wasn't a ton of ukulele information on the web, and Ukulele Boogaloo had one of the first big song libraries. It still does.

Jerrold's gotten busy on some other projects, so it's been a while since he's been able to update Boogaloo. If you've never visited, pop on over. It still ranks high on Google, a testament to Jerrold's vision and effort in building it in the first place.


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