Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mysteries of Friction Tuners, REVEALED!

Barry Maz has posted a nice video explaining the ins and outs of friction tuners. (They're still my favorite: I always feel as though I'm always bumping geared tuners out of tune. Certainly, putting a uke with geared tuners into a gig bag always seems to.) Link


Barry Maz said...

Thanks for sharing Gary!

Ron Hale said...

Well, you're in good company, Gary. Fred and Barney both agree with you about those modern stone-age tuners.

Their steg-o-leles featured the latest and greatest in friction tuning technology.

Steg-o-lele, by the way, evolved into steg-o-lee and from there through millennia after millennia into Stagolee.

Just a little music history for Ukulelia devotees.

Now, my own friction experience mirrors that other Barney's as noted in his "Purple Ukulele Anthem" -

"Sharp for you,
Flat for me,
We make perfect harmony."

Can't beat the classics. And still the best 'ukulele anthem ever.

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