Thursday, March 09, 2023

The Secret of the Ukulele Finally Revealed!

I'm proud as punch to share that the good folks at Ukulele Magazine interviewed me for their Spring 2023 issue.

It's a great honor to recognized for having edited this little blog for over 20 (!) years and to have been able to chronicle, in particular, the early years of this Third Wave of ukulele popularity.

If you've come here via the profile in Ukulele Magazine: welcome! (And if you're not yet a subscriber, it's a terrific publication. I look forward to it arriving in my mailbox four times a year. You really should subscribe. It's about the cost of two sets of strings...)

A big thank you to Blair Jackson at Ukulele Magazine for the opportunity. Also to Craig Robertson, who was a treasured co-editor for a few years. And finally, to Mark Frauenfelder, who created Ukulelia (Your Passport to Four Stringed Paradise!) as an offshoot of Boing Boing back in the late 90s before generously handing me the keys in the early 00s.

I guess now I have to be a bit more diligent about turning up more remarkable stuff to share. It's a real challenge to find hidden treasures today. Stay tuned!

Here's the issue. Spoiler: I'm on the back page.

And as for that clickbait headline: it's a little inside joke for my friends who constantly remind me how bad I am at self-promotion...


Steven Strauss said...

It will surprise no one to learn that I find you, Gary, a very funny person.

Howlin' Hobbit said...

And featuring on the cover, the 257th female player I’ve personally heard of who bills herself as “The Ukulele Lady.”

Anonymous said...

The article in the magazine led me to your blog. I’m looking forward to your posts. I’m fairly new to this wonderful little instrument and know that I’ll learn a lot from your blog and comments. Cheryl

Gary said...

Well, Howlin' I was going call myself "Howlin' Habit," but I figured you'd hurt me and then I'd be "Howlin' Hobbled," and you'd just hurt me again. I'm not big on pain.

It is nice to see players of color featured on the cover. I'm looking forward to learning more about Kelle...

And you're most welcome, Cheryl!

(Steven: I am not)

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