Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Big News for Dobro Uke Owners

Uke Jackson sez:
"Early Dobro ukes missing the cone or the spider. You see them come up on ebay occasionally, or run across someone's post on the internet seeking one or both of these parts to restore. And always the reply is the same – "Maybe somebody should make some of these."

Well now, Colin McCubbin – impresario of resonator instruments and host of the extraordinary, and my personal resonation angel – has gone ahead and done something. He recently returned to his home in Canada and sent me an email that I want to share with you immediately:

"I took an early Dobro uke cone and 8 legged spider with me for Mike Lewis of Fine Resophonics in Paris, France. Mike is going to get some spiders cast and spin some cones. I know of two ukes with no spiders or cones and about a dozen that need cones. If anyone wants either of these parts could they please get in touch and I will add them to my list."

So this is it, folks. If you or someone you know needs a spider or a cone to bring an old Dobro uke back to life, now is the time."

Email Colin McCubbin for more into. And don't miss Colin's amazing site devoted to resonator instruments. There about a dozen resonator ukes featured, including the National Style 1 pictured at left. Link

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