Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Ukiyo Ukuleles

Luthier (and resonator guitar meister) Marc Schoenberger has turned his attention to making fine quality ukuleles. Of particular note are his faithful and sonorous replicas of the Roy Smeck "Vita-Uke," complete with the legendary seal-shaped sound holes.
"The model V is a refined version of this classic uke. Subtle binding accents set off the two tone sides while the fingerboard sports a snappy multicolored wooden side stripe...
"...While retaining the look and feel of the original, this modern uke plays in tune and will meet the standards of even the most critical musician. With its "tap tuned" top and attention to detail, this diminutive dandy barks with the authority of a big box Jazz guitar!"
You have to play one of these sweet babies to believe it...and fall in love. (Don't miss Marc's interview with Albert Einstein on the site and the story behind the Del Norte uke, made from flame redwood and wood from William Randolph Hearst's yacht. Not for the faint-hearted!) Link

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