Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Anahola Ukes by Michael Sussman

Ukulele Earle wrote to tell us that Michael "Mickey" Sussman is making ukes again. Not being familiar with his work, I emailed Mickey. He sent along a photo of this spectacular double-necked model and a nice note:
"thanks for the email. and it is true i am making ukes again. hope you like the pic. this instrument really sounds incredible, much more than expected, and is very easy to play. unlike the double neck guitar i made for Roland Cazimero, because its so small. am considering making the soundhole smaller however not much smaller as this uke has a hugh, rich sound that i don't want to restrict. my good friend larry ramos, of the new christies and the association, is having me make the next, with a spruce top. larry, or "little larry" as he is known here, won the aurther godfry ukulele contest when he was 6 yrs old and after that the family moved to calif. and the rest is history. i'll be getting more pics on the website shortly. mahalo for the inquirery and come visit if your ever on the island..."
Who could say no? Link (Thanks, Ukulele Earle!)

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