Thursday, July 08, 2004

Coffee Pot Tabs and Lyrics

I posted an earlier piece about the band "Mr Mediocrity" and their ukerrific song "Coffee Pot." The uke riff has been running around my brain for weeks now. Band member Joe Roby sez:
"'Coffee Pot' is the first song we wrote incorporating the uke, but
I'm sure the future will bring more works featuring the ukulele. Very soon
we'll have a fresh recording of "Coffee Pot, along with a couple new pieces
which we're very excited about recording. "
Mr Mediocrity's uke player extrordinaire, Peter Remiger, has graciously posted tabs, lyrics, and chords on the band's site. Brew yourself a pot of Peet's and Uke Baby Uke!...Link (Thanks, Joe and Peter!)

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