Monday, September 27, 2004

David Gunnarsson Ukes

Swedish artist David Gunnarson paints amazingly beautiful masks for pro hockey goalies. And an occasional ukulele. Shown here is the "Bebopalua" uke he painted for Gyllene Tider's Per Gessle. It's a replica of George Harrison's self-painted 1965 electric guitar (a photo of which you'll find at the link). Be sure to check out Gunnarson's "Hardrocker" design, too.

(You may have to poke around on David's site a bit to locate the photos. In the left hand nav, roll over "Art of Dave" and click on "Section 2". On the dropdown button that says "choose category here", select "misc". Or look for a button for the George Harrison tribute ukulele on the right hand side of the site.) Link

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