Thursday, September 30, 2004

Baseball to Bring Harmony Back to Washington?

With the recent announcement that the Montreal Expos will relocate to Washington D.C. next season, we learned that the Washington Senators' Hall-of-Fame broadcaster, Bob Wolff, is a kindred soul. Back in the late '50s, Bob was instrumental in prompting several players to suit up as the "Singing Senators", with Bob backing up on ukulele.

In today's Washington Post, Bob signalled his willingness to suit up again:

"Wolff, who strummed a ukulele on long train rides, coaxed some of the team into harmonizing one night. Roy Sievers, Jim Lemon and other Senators actually appeared on the "Today" show in 1958, crooning for a full 45 minutes. Ballplayers in a barbershop quartet on NBC. Honest.

You ask Wolff if he is interested in play-by-play work again, given that he still works part-time for a cable station on Long Island, the Madison Square Garden network, and is going on his eighth decade in the business.

"No, when my daughter started calling airplanes 'bye-bye Daddies,' I knew I needed to stop traveling," he said. However, Wolff said he will reprise the Singing Senators, but only if Jose Vidro and Livan Hernandez can sing or need spare cash. 'Oh, I'm ready to come back with my ukulele.' "

It'd be nice to have some more talented Singing Senators for a change, wouldn't it? (Photos) Link (free subscription required)

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