Friday, October 01, 2004

Tiki: Not Tacky

Fun article in today's SF Chronicle about the resurgence (yea!) of Tiki Culture and evidence of same in the San Francisco Bay Area. Interviewed is Tikimeister Otto Von Stroheim, who has mounted a show, "Tiki Art Now" in conjunction with The Shooting Gallery in SF. Featured in the show is a tiki uke created by none other than his Feztanic Majesty, Tiki King. (Note: King Kukulele will be performing at the closing night party on October 8, 2004.)

Man, all this talk about Martin Denny has convinced me that I want a clip from "Little Grass Shack" by Bliss Blood's exotica combo, Voodoo Suite, to be the ringtone on my cellphone. (Now if I could only figure out how...) Link

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