Sunday, July 08, 2007

James Hill at DaSilva

Bay Area ukers: put this on your do not miss list. Next Sunday, July 15, James Hill will be conducting a workshop (3-5pm) and concert (7:30pm) at Mike DaSilva's studio.

Reservations for both events highly recommended!

Dang it, how am I ever going to save up enough cash to buy a uke from Mike when he keeps putting these not-to-be-missed musical programs together? My only hope is that since my wife will be going to the concert with me I can show her how wonderful Mike's instruments are...

James is doing a bunch of gigs in California this month, including heading to Santa Cruz for a workshop sponsored by the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz on July 19. More info on James's calendar, here.

I'll have to remember to ask James what he's heard from Barbara Bush lately...Link

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