Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Meeting of the Fives

A chilly New England Fall day. Leaves scuttle across the sidewalk making that distinctive insect-like sound. Lunch time finds me answering the door to none other than Robert Wheeler and Greg Hawkes. Robert has brought his newly acquired Martin 5 “Daisy” Soprano Ukulele in figured mahogany for us to see, and Greg has brought his 5K to compare it with.

No surprise; they both sound and play great. Much better than I expected. Martin quality has not dropped one iota over the years. Greg had Worth strings on his and Robert had the standard issue Martins. They both sounded good, but I would go with the Worths, if I had my druthers. (what the hell are “druthers” anyway?)

Is it worth the money? You’ll have to answer that question yourself, but it’s definitely a great sounding, well intonated, great playing soprano ukulele. And it still has that warm Martin sound.


Ian said...

Druthers are a weird abbreviation for "I'd ruther...."

I just put Worth Clear Low-G strings on my tenor last night. I'm never going back to Aquila again.

Anonymous said...

In an effort of full disclosure, I should point out that my uke is a 5k, not a Daisy like the the Founder's.
(koa vs. mahogany) Still, they look and sound beautiful. Greg

Anonymous said...

..further disclosure. "5 Daisy"? - C.F. Martin III, served in the Army YMCA, providing educational services for enlisted men, during WW I (One). During his service, in Georgia and North Caroline, he met Miss Daisy Allen, of Atlanta Georgia. They were married in 1919. Mr. Martin had a special uke made for his wife. 5K decoration, figured Mahogany body. Unique. Last time I saw it was in the Martin Museum. It is my believe that the one hundred planned 2007 5 Daisies are to memorialize this gesture of love and affection. How cool is that? Very!!

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