Sunday, January 20, 2008

A few loose scales

“At long last a new recording by Snake Suspenderz, this time in our new, improved, quartet version!
A Few Loose Scales is a six-song EP off of our upcoming full-length CD, Shedding Our Skins.
This CD is all original tunes, half written by Thaddeus Spae and half by Howlin' Hobbit. At only $5 (+ S&H) for 6 songs, it's an even better deal than before!
It features Thaddeus Spae on bass trombone, guitar and lead vocals; Howlin' Hobbit on soprano ukuleles, harmonica and lead vocals; Dean Hedges on upright bass, 'mouth trumpet' and vocals; Andrew "Sketch" Hare on drums and vocals. “
Out of the six songs, five have ukulele.


Some were recorded live, some in the studio, and some "live in the studio" (i.e. no overdubbing).

You can now download the EP, either single songs or the whole thing, and pick your own price. This is available via our page at


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Howlin' Hobbit said...

Thanks Craig!

Anyone who wants the physical CD rather than the downloads can order it online at the Snake Suspenderz site.

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