Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ukulele Review Blog

Here's a new blog that's popped up. We noticed it back in November, but wanted to let it reach critical mass before pointing folks to it.

It's Ukulele Review, brought to you by Julie Strietelmeier, founder and editor of The Gadgeteer. In her new found obsession with ukuleles, Julie hopes to provide a site for reviewing instruments, videos, and CDs, and books. Link


Anonymous said...

The Gadgeteer is a good site with well informed reviews. Ukulele review has some good CD reviews, however Julie reviewed a Kiwaya soprano ukulele that was the first one she had ever played. It is ridiculous to write a review of a ukulele when you have no experience of modern and vintage ukuleles with which to compare it. The review has great pictures but lacks informed content. There is also a review of an electronic tuner where she has given a glowing report despite never having tried any other similar tuner. Uke Jon pointed out the shortcomings of this tuner in the comments section.

Julie should not be reviewing instruments with so little experience. The internet is jam packed with ill informed and low quality ukulele content, and poor reviews like these add to it.

Gavin Lloyd Wilson said...

...possibly, but her enthusiasm does make for quite a nice little blog.

Anonymous said...

I read the Kiwaya and Intelli IMT-500 reviews and didn't have a problem with either.

Just because someone else didn't like the tuner doesn't make Julie's estimation invalid and neither does the fact that Julie doesn't own a bunch of new and vintage ukuleles (yet!) mean that she shouldn't be able to give her opinion.

What's ridiculous is how you take these anonymous swipes without providing any reason other than you don't think she's qualified to do so. For all we know, you could be some newbie kid on Ritalin with a pink Mahalo.

Who cares what you think?

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