Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Cleveland Ukes!

Here's a blog published by the Cleveland Jumping Flea Ukulele Group. Too bad they're not the Cleveland Heights Ukulele Group. Then they could be CHUG*. Link

*Or better yet: the Cleveland Based Great Big and Original Musical Flea Ukulele Group.


Anonymous said...

If they were the Cleveland Regional
Ukulele Makers/Players Excellent
Tonality Society they'd be CRUMPETS.

If they were the Cleveland Ohio Regional
Recreational Ukulele Players Troupe
they'd be CORRUPT.

Gary said...


Ron Hale said...

If they were the Cleveland Recreational Ukulele Enjoyment
League they'd be CRUEL.

If they were Cleveland Ukulele
Revivalist Society's Enthusiastic
Dilettantes they'd be CURSED.

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