Saturday, June 19, 2010

Morning in Ukuleletown

So I went out this morning. I generally don't like mornings. The light is too harsh and, y'know, bright? I'm headin' down the alley towards Carol's Coffee and I run into Louie walkin' his dog. The dog is a Boston Terrier named Asta. Louie tells me that I should make a point to stop down the Bar and Grill tonight because this guy named Sebi and some redhead from Scotland named Kelly are gonna be playin'. Louie says he heard them do the Script song "Man Who Can't Be Moved" and tears rolled down his face.
This means a lot 'cuz Louie usually only cries when the horse he bets on stumbles.

So I'm gonna go. Y'know.


Anonymous said...

Despite his great taste in videos, you should turn the bastard in. Nick and Nora have a reward out for their dog.

craig said...

Nick and Nora's dog was a fox terrier...good ref catch.

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