Monday, September 27, 2010

Ukulele World Record Quest Comes Up Short

We missed it by about 300, but damn, you should see (and hear!) what an entire theater of ukulele players sounds like. What a marvelous event, and an even better film. I bought a copy of Mighty Uke and can't wait to share it with friends and family. A Ukulelia T-Shirt even makes a cameo appearance!

NPR again picked up the story this morning. Link


all6sand7s said...

Swallow Hill in Denver tried to break the record as well . I think we were short, but it was really fun to have a picnic and play ukulele on such a beautiful day in Denver Colorado.

Ron Hale said...

Apples and oranges, Gary. There should be different records for indoors and outdoors, they're entirely different situations.

First subtract out the Flying Vs so popular with Brits and no doubt the numbers would start to look very close indeed. Then remove the banjo "ukes" from all the Formby wannabes across the pond, and demand a recount.

Also, study the London video closely to see just who is and isn't actually playing. I suspect ringers inflated their count.

Gary said...

Excellent points, Ron. Were you there on Sunday? If so, I regret not greeting you in person.

Ron Hale said...

Afraid I let the side down and couldn't make it in. Spent the day roasting here in Napa. I did order a copy of the DVD from Flea Market Music, though, so if you ever ask for reviews, Gary, I'll chime in.

Have you seen the 4 minute video of the event made by SF Weekly TV?
Jeff posted it over on Humble Uker, if you haven't yet.

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