Monday, November 29, 2010

Mighty Uke Holiday Special

I saw three ukes come sailing in,
On Christmas Day,
On Christmas Day...

From Mighty Uke's Facebook page:
"The holiday season is once again upon us, the perfect time to share some ukulele cheer. And what better way to get your friends and family to pick up a uke and join the global strum-along than to give them the uplifting and inspiring story of the MIGHTY UKE.
From now until Christmas Eve, if you buy any two items from you will receive a MIGHTY UKE DVD free. But wait! That’s not all! Every purchaser of any DVD, Blu-ray, t-shirt or poster from our website will be automatically entered in a raffle to win one of three MIGHTY UKE Kala Concert Ukuleles to be given away on Christmas Day."


Anonymous said...

How much do you charge for an ad placement like this one for the MIghty Uke?

Gary said...

It's not a paid plug. It's a great film and I like the idea of supporting independent filmmakers. I paid for my own copy of MU.

However, rest assured that I always disclose if someone has sent me a freebie or a reviewers' copy of something I blog about. Then again, I've received many CDs and such that I never found blog-worthy.

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