Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Even if Schwartz is Getting One

Last night my wife asked me what I'd like for my birthday. My inner Ralphie wanted to blurt out "I want a real vintage mint condition pre-war Style 3 Martin Soprano."

Instead, I said the equivalent of "Heh, I was just kidding, even though Schwartz is getting one. I guess I'd just like some Tinker Toys."

Didn't want to hear her say "You'll shoot your eye out."


Anonymous said...

Schwartz's wife is getting him a Kala ukadelic green paisley uke.
But his girlfriend is getting him a custom Pohaku mermaid concert. So there may be a way to finesse this, after all.

TomR said...

Happy Birthday Gary!
You, me, George and the Duke all on the same day.

Gary said...

Thanks, Tom! Backatcha.

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