Sunday, January 27, 2013

Songbird Janet Klein’s Hotsy-Totsy Music Designs

New interview with ukulele chanteuse Janet Klein. The biggest news? The new Janet Klein banjo uke! Almost as cute as La Klein herself.
The cartoon artist Thom Foolery and I have collaborated on a design for a novelty "banjolele" that we will be debuting this week. It is called the Kleinette Firefly Flapper Banjolele, and will be available to the public February 7th! With luck and a song, I am hoping to find a publisher to help me produce a Flapper Songbook, for aspiring ukulele-istes."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article link- Janet is a gem!
Ukester Brown

Ron Hale said...

Speaking of uke designs, Gary...

If you haven't yet seen this week-old Youtube video take a gander -

When Graphic Artists Get Bored -
Chop A Ukulele

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