Sunday, April 28, 2013

Most Inane First Line of an Article About Jake Shimabukuro, Evar

If you've been reading Ukulelia or following Jake Shimabukuro for a while, you know that pretty much every article written about him is the same. The ukulele is not a toy, he's the Jimi Hendrix of the uke, blah, blah, blah.

Finally we have something new, if only because it contains the most inane first line ever written in an article about Jake. Behold:
"How do you say ukulele in Hawaiian?" 


Ron Hale said...

Getting bored [yawn] with the whole Jake thing [snore], Gary? If so, cannot blame you even one tiny bit.

Totally tired of the 'Look at Jake and his magic fingers' approach to promoting the uke to the civilian world, myself. But there is another possibility. To wit:

Just learned about a new Cherry Capri TV show, "Lotta Living," with King Kukulele. As I gather it she's to be something of a retro-hip Martha Stewart and he's one member of a two-piece tiki band (uke + bongos) that follows her everywhere she does her Martha Stewart stuff. Yes, this is a real show.

Couple of videos on her YT channel about this.

Now, my point in mentioning this is that I think this is a much cooler approach to promoting the instrument to non-ukers than the freaky flying
fingers [zzzzzzzzzzz] notion that media seem to have a death grip on.

Ukekook said...

Thank you,
Every time a non uke'r or nube uke,r brings up
His name, I voice my opinion and I get looks that
Could kill. ....What about James Hill,Led,John King,
etc. etc. etc. WHO? I'm tired of gritting my teeth;
but if you try to explain the looks are still there.
What to do? What to do?

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