Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ukulele Magazine

Have you read Ukulele Magazine? It's put out by the publishers of Acoustic Guitar Magazine. It strikes me as being written primarily to a guitar-playing audience.

What do you think of it?



Uke Goldberg said...

I think it's primarily being written to fill up space between the ads.

Ron Hale said...

Well, I think it is primarily for readers of the magazine, Gary. Which is a good thing.

Vast potential audience for the instrument among 6-sting players.
Reviewing the Yamaha guitalele and the Cordoba guilele is a nod to them.

The Yamaha is my instrument these days and as I weave around through cyberspace I see the little 6-string uke guitar getting more and more attention from guitar players. Classical guitar forums talk it up. Jazzer Chris Standring uses it on his latest album.

What I find amusing is that the instrument has no official name.

Hey uke blogs: post some videos, for crying out loud.

Unknown said...
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