Friday, December 26, 2003

Ukulele Building Video/Fundraiser

Ken Potts, Maui luthier and maker of some of today's most heralded 'ukuleles says:

"Aloha, Happy Holidays. Rudy Aquion and I have put together a nice video of building an uke from start to finish. More importantly, all of the proceedes from this video will go into interest bearing accounts for the children of the late GREAT Dennis Pavao. Dennis passed away at age 49 and left 6 kids behind, age from in diapers to 14 yrs old. The video also includes a fair amount of Hawai'ians playing ukulele both solo and together. All of them donating their time and effort for the cause. Very enjoyable video for a very worthy cause. DVD format also available. $40.00 includes shipping and handeling. Much thanks to all who have helped and who will help."
To order, call 808-667-0759 or email here. Link Discuss

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