Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Chuckerbutty Ocarina Quartet

If you're looking to (heaven forbid!) give up the guilty pleasures of the ukulele for Lent, you might consider temporarily switching to the ocarina. Like the uke, the ocarina has a range of just over an octave, making it perfect to noodle your favorite uke tunes to.

All of this is said (with all due respect to our brother and sister ocarina players) with tongue firmly in cheek. I just needed an excuse to blog off topic to point you toward this amazing combo: the Chuckerbutty Ocarina Quartet. The Chuckerbutties are named after Anglo-Indian composer and organist Oliphant Chuckerbutty (1884-1960). One of the ringleaders is Michael Copley, who you might remember from the classic duo, the "Cambridge Buskers."

I'm thinking that their rendition of Offenbach's 'Can-Can' would make a perfect ringtone! Enjoy! Link

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