Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Scrumpdillyishus Uke!

As part of the Dairy Queen Ukulele project, I enlisted the help of ace uker, Gerald Ross, to create some ukulele arrangements of the old Dairy Queen jingle, "A Scrumpdillyishus Day."

Gerald came thru in spades, and we presented Mr. Buffett with a CD (pictured) containing four of Gerald's arrangements, all performed, appropriately enough, on a Talsma uke! Following are links to the tracks. (That's Mr. Ross on all instruments.) Grab a Blizzard and enjoy!

1. “Crazier at the Brazier” (solo ukulele in A)

2. “Lullaby for Dennis the Menace” (solo ukulele in G)

3. “Grillin’ & Chillin’” (lead ukulele, rhythm uke, bass in C)

4. “Pineapple Shake” (lead ukulele, rhythm uke, bass in C)

If you don't own Gerald's incredible CD, "Ukulele Stomp," get one!

(Thanks, Gerald!)

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