Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A World Tour

Robert Wheeler, conscious and toting ukuleles, showed up at my palatial ukulelestate on the first Monday of April. Oh, yeah, with beer, Stella Artois of annoying commercial fame but still not a bad tasting beer.
After some strumming, yakking, singing and drinking we decided to do what we usually do and have lunch at a favorite haunt of ours in Ukuleletown know as “The Paddock” restaurant. It’s named “The Paddock” because of the “Horse and Rider” theme prevalant everywhere you look.
But disaster: the Paddock just instituted a policy of being closed for lunch on Monday and Tuesday afternoons! Undaunted, the intrepid duo repaired to a nearby Thai restaurant. Not only was the food excellent, but they served that beer made famous by the Pogues; Singha Beer.

Ukes, left to right - Spanish, ('20's/30's)made in Valencia (this was the charmer of the bunch and the one with, oddly enough, the most useful musical sound to my ears) , Ernest Cigar Box (great sound, but missing the whiskey and cigars), Neiman Marcus Irish Whiskey Liqueur Dessert Cookies Tin Ukulele with redwood top, made my Greg Clarke. Model Maker, New York Historical Museum, Albany NY, (bizarre and wonderful, but, again, where are the cookies?). New Martin SO - Mexico, (okay, I admit it, it sounded really good) Oscar Schmidt, New Jersey, spruce top, Martin Back Packer - Mexico

Picture of member of 49th Infantry Division, Camp Roberts California.(You figure this one out)

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Gary said...

May Singha Beer, the drunk ukulele lady!

Gary said...

"Picture of member of 49th Infantry Division, Camp Roberts California."

Robert couldn't fit his Camp Uke into his car?

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