Monday, February 23, 2009

Templeton Sheet Music Archive

Julie Shedd from the Mississippi State University Libraries was kind enough to drop us a note to let us know that their web address has changed. I've updated the one link on Ukulelia that I could find that went to the old address, but if you stumble across another, do email me and I'll fix it.

The Mississippi State University Libraries is home to the Templeton Digital Sheet Music Collection, part of the Charles H. Templeton, Sr. Music Museum. It's a wonderful resource for vintage music, particularly ragtime tunes, and a variety of themed collections. What fun awaits? Well, here's Brian Heffernan playing Rubber Plant Rag (A Sketcherette), available via the Templeton Collection. Link

(Thanks, Julie!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updated links! (It is Mississippi State U., btw...My boss will have a fit if I let that slide :)

Anonymous said...

Me thanks you too. Also, I'm having a hard time using the "suggestion" link. Here's a suggestion: Have a Ukulelia sticker on your cafe press store. My Uke case is begging for one! You guys are my favorite blog of all of them!--Ukester Brown

Gary said...

Ukester Brown: tell me more about your difficulty with the suggestion link. Have you been sending in suggestions? My spam filter seems to be over zealous these days.

Anonymous said...

I'm using a new Mac Book and it pops up with a email pop up window that I can't get to work right. I'm still figuring it out from my old PC. I think it's my problem... maybe... Ukester

Gary said...

You can always just send me an email to gary AT ukulelia DOT com. Please put "Ukulelia" somewhere in the subject line so I won't miss your note in all the spam I receive. Cheers!

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