Thursday, February 05, 2009

What's Inside.....

The ever industrious Mickey Maguire has tracked down some fantastic ukulele players to interview and put in Issue No. 3 of Ukulele Player Magazine.
It's Free! Check it out.

Here's what's inside...
p2. Spotlight Bosko & Honey
p7. Special Feature...
Greg Hawkes Beatles Uke
p10. Pohaku Ukulele
p14. CD Review Victoria Vox
p15. CK-50G Ohana Ukulele
p17. Diminished Chords (where would I be without them?)
p20. Kala MA-MT Ukulele
p21. Kala Uke Give-A-Way
p22. Lone Star UkeFest
p23. club listings & events.
p28. Online Resources

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