Friday, June 12, 2009

Bete Noire...

This just in from Tim Sweeney:
"Nancy and I just got back from Vegas where Bette Midler has a new show.Bette apparently plays a rhinestone encrusted flea uke in her show, and in the gift shop outside the theater a replica of it is for sale for a mere $3000. no lie."

Lemme see now...Bette Midler+Vegas+rhinestones+flea=$3000. Somehow I have no problem believing that.


Josh said...

Not rhinestones. Swarovski crystals. I wonder if the one she gave Obama was crystal-encrusted?

PS: the show is hugely worth seeing, even if there's only one uke song.

Gary said...

Reports have been sketchy, but I've seen at least one report that Ms M gave one of these crystal encrusted babies to the Obama girls. One each, or only one to fight over, I don't know.

If we ever see the President playing a uke in public, what would be the equivalent of a Checkers moment?

ronhale said...

For that kind of money a replica
just isn't good enough. She should
have actually played the thing in her act, (sans clothes, perhaps)...

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