Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This from Graham Machlachlan:

"Blipalele is the house ukulele band of Blipfoto.com.

We are a community of photographers around the globe who post an image each day, to cut a long story short, we discovered that there were a number of ukulele players in the community, so we asked them to submit a recording and a supporting video. Well here's the result. Just a piece of ukulele fun from Europe and Scandinavia. We're hoping it will be that start of a summer of plinking fun.

Lets know what you think."

I think it swings...


Gary said...

It's like, Multiple Bliposis!

impoftheyard said...

Love it! (impoftheyard)

Anonymous said...

What a great video, I'd love to hear what else these guys can play!

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