Saturday, June 06, 2009

Lyle's Style

This new instructional DVD from Lyle Ritz seems to be a video version of the Lyle Lite book. Worth checking out, no doubt.
"Lyle displays techniques and tips he's developed over a lifetime of performing. Learn how to play rips, parallels, bent notes, fills, falls, slides, slurs, rogue chords, and deceptive resolutions. Songs include: "Beautiful Dreamer", "Avalon", "Brahms' Lullaby", "Let Me Call You Sweetheart", "My Melancholy Baby", "Shine On Harvest Moon", and Lyle's own "Bb Blues In C". Also includes a PDF file providing the lyrics, melody line, and ukulele chord grids of the songs featured. Also includes an interview with Lyle by Jim Beloff, plus a bonus duet with daughter, Emily. 75 min."


1 comment:

ronhale said...

The songs have been rearranged a bit for the dvd. Spiced-up from
the book.

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